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tk says:

"life is a series of calluses, this is just another layer.
So, build’em up, tough it out, yeah, that’s your skin – don’t let anyone under there."

More of the same

Christmas with the kids was packed and busy and beautiful and now they are off to their dads and I’m free for a week.

Party mom mode activate.

Out of context

It has come to my attention that I have a folder of photos in my phone titled Bella, and that folder holds 84 photos of The Coolest Dog I Know.
I'm having a hard time narrowing down a favorite.

Live Love Life

My heart is in pieces for Suzanne and her family. Life really is such a gift. Give somebody a hug tomorrow, be extra kind, say I love you. Because one day we won't be able to.
Another friend lost a dear aunt to MS and it's just making me realize that life really is about living, and not worrying and not hiding.

Moar ink

Probably a complete pipe dream but I did just send in a contact form to hopefully get a tattoo from Alice Carrier in Portland. I have the money for a plane ticket and the ink already in savings, so fingers crossed.
I'm sure she gets millions of requests so I'm not too hopeful, but stranger things have happened.

I'm ready...to go to Palm Springs.

I'm watching the new 90210 and "going to Palm Springs" was a euphemism for losing one's virginity. Which is grade A irony if you grew up here. Then she chickened out and made him sleep on the couch of her grandma's fabulous desert house.
I have so many love/hate feelings about my hometown! But I know the back roads and where to get cheap gas and better sushi.
Tomorrow will definitely bring an out if town adventure with my shorties. Excited!

Drive by cry for organization help

So I have this nail polish addiction. Right now they are in a box on my counter but I need them OFF my counter and on the wall. Should I just break down and get one of these clear acrylic wall mounts that salons use? Could I use a spice rack? None of my polishes are more than 3.5 inches tall, I'm wondering what else I could do. The acrylic stand is fine, just wanted something not so "mall salon".
I don't have a Pinterest, but I'm sure there are a million ideas there.
I would love to know how you ladies store your polish. Susan, I'm looking in your direction, I know you also had a lot of polish at one time.

My tastes run the gamut

I know not everybody likes him, but I still think Harmony Korine is an amazing filmmaker. He can make me feel so uncomfortable yet so compelled to see the end of the story. I'm sort of embarrassed by how many times I've seen Kids and Gummo.
This post brought to you by Spring Breakers. I'm 8 minutes in an I'm truly excited.

They kinged me naive.

Curiosity killed the cat

If you're a female, and you're voting for Romney/Ryan, can I respectfully ask you why? I refuse to be taken backwards by a patriarchal system who consistently shames women. Why aren't more women outraged at his audacity and by his smugness?
I said this in my Facebook but it bears repeating: even if I agreed with Romney on EVERY OTHER ISSUE, I still would not vote for him. His attitude towards women is deplorable, and as a mother to two young children, it sickens me that our society continues to oppress and stifle women.

It's Monday and it even smells like a Monday out here. Yes, the Salton Sea is that gross, yes, it always smells after southern winds blow in, yes, we need to "do something" about it. But what? It's a man-made lake that became a staple to the desert eco-system. It can't die and it can't survive. It's a perfect metaphor for life in the valley.
I had to send a stern email to some MESA kids and I hated doing it. The problem was a simple misunderstanding, but I felt bad having to put them on blast for something that ended up being someone else's mistake.
The only thing that has saved this day? The Jon Hamm Penis Pictures. I'm not even kidding, I keep peeking at them and whispering "well no wonder". He's not even naked and these Penis Pics have gotten millions of women hot and bothered. HE IS A GOLDEN GOD.

Long live Jon Hamm's Penis.

Ps, googling Jon Hamm penis shows me he has been hauling this thing everywhere for quite a while, I've just never noticed it so Out There. You can take my word for it, or google Jon Hamm penis. It is epic.