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Oh salad days, living in Happy Hollow

rocking chairs of disenchantment

hilaryous, the life warrior
Manu forti.
$6 westerns, archers of loaf, armistead burwell smith iv, art by lww3, bass players, bearded men or 'stashed, being a bitch, being friends with ex-boyfriends, black heart procession, blacking out, blake nelson, blake schwarzenbach, books, boys in glasses, brak's mom, built to spill, cinnamon roll french toast, coloured vinyl, commander venus, couch make-out sessions, creating with you, criteria, crooked fingers, crossing your eyes, cursive, dorkiness, dorothy parker of pd, drinking the ink, early-night napa's bar, feeling douglas coupland, fiction for two, fiddler's elbow labels, four hundred years, getting our jokes, getting over cursive, groundskeeper willie, handwritten heartfelt correspondence, homer's cinnamon donut cereal, housewife happy hour, jawbreaker and sometimes jets-to-brazil, kamel red lights, kind of like spitting, lady brett ashley, late-night cali-coast smoke-filled drives, lilysaurus rex, living like kurt vonnegut, los desaparecidos, marijuana, matt maginn, milonoceros, modest mouse, music playing, my grocer boys, my unlinked interests, nursing the 'noceros, oh tim kasher, osculating, pavement, pharmaceutical cocktails, picture discs, pinback, pixies, pretending i don't smoke, punch-you-in-the-gut goodwriting, raising l-&-m, ralph wiggum, reading f. scott fitzgerald, roman-holiday dress-up run-aways, saddle-creek records, san clemente mornings, self-contained writings, sex on your lunchbreak, solitude, spilling the beans, stealing your time, sweaterweather, taking things, the early faint, the good life, the mcbaby, the rainy desert, theatre, three mile pilot, tim kasher, trader joe's, typing for miles, watching jon stewart, your own washer/dryer